• Bridge the information gap, between you and your clients.

  • Convert unknown datasets into knowledge.

  • Weave knowledge into robust and scalable business solutions.

About StratEdge

Stategic Big Data solutions for your challenging business needs.

StratEdge has built its reputation as the trusted source of data-intensive technology products and solutions for businesses large or small.

We combine industry expertise with the latest in Big Data technologies to deliver the most reliable products and solutions in the realm of business intelligence and data mining. We approach non-traditional problems encountered in today’s ever changing business environment with a non-silo’ed ‘think-out-of-the-box’ strategy.

Led by a highly qualified and dedicated Executive Management team, StratEdge has a history of providing quality products, highly trained professionals, responsive support and successful results making us a vital resource to help our clients compete in today’s complex business environment.

About StratEdge

Implicit Insights

Harvest unique business insights by quickly building

Big Data Analytics

Break the 'lemmings' mindset, don't follow the crowd.

Actionable Dashboard

Leverage the power of User-Experience Design (UX)

Data 'CRM' Analytics

Create a single ‘Customer Intention Model’ that combines

From Data to Knowledge - for that STRATEgic eDGE using Big Data


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